STANDARDS: YOUR INNOVATION BRIDGE. European Conference – 30th October , Brussels


StaCast (“New Quality and Design Standards for Aluminium Alloys Cast Products”, FP7, 2012-2014) has been addressed to the European Aluminium foundry industry (more than 2000 Companies, mostly SMEs), with the aim of supporting the exploitation of its enormous potential, mainly associated to the increasing demand of lightweight components. The open challenge is that of transforming this industry into a quality/efficiency-driven sector, by developing innovative Standards and Technical Reports useful for design and production of high quality and highly performing cast components.
StaCast main outcomes are:

  • public survey of EU Aluminium foundries, to understand their quality and standardisation requirements,
  • the development of a CEN Technical Report for a reliable classification of defects and imperfections in Aluminium alloys cast products,
  • the development of a CEN Technical Report with the procedure to evaluate mechanical potential of Aluminium-based foundry alloys,
  • the elaboration of engineering guidelines for the mechanical design of Aluminium alloys castings.


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