Deliverable 5.1

Stacast Project Public Presentation

The StaCast project specifically addresses Aluminium alloys foundry production and promotes the transformation of this field in a quality/efficiency-driven and integration-oriented sector, thanks to the elaboration of:
– a Workshop of Agreement on Defects classification for Aluminium alloys castings;
– a Workshop of Agreement on Mechanical Properties of Al foundry alloys;
– dedicated guidelines and engineering rules to be employed in design and manufacturing
chain of Al alloys cast components by mechanical designers and foundry-men.
To reach these targets, in the opinion of StaCast proposers, four main issues have to be addressed:
(1) the strategic role of Aluminium Alloys for the future of EU Foundry Industry;
(2) the need of having standard tools for identifying defects in Al Alloys cast products;
(3) the need of having standards for evaluating mechanical behaviour of Al foundry Alloys;
(4) the need of engineering rules for the mechanical design of Al alloys castings.

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