27-03-2014 - Kilometro Rosso

Quality of high-pressure die-castings: progress and expectations

Bergamo, "KILOMETRO ROSSO" - 27 March 2014



This meeting is part of a series of seminars organized by the Study Centre of Diecasting to offer suggestions for optimizing the management of product quality in the metallurgical field. The main focus of the meeting is the quality of castings at different stages of foundry-customer relationships, as well as the internal quality management.


The meeting is dedicated to the foundry technicians, as well as to production or sales managers of foundry, and buyers of OEM. The topic is interesting and the available tools for the quality of castings are becoming larger and more consolidated, and their knowledge improves the customer-foundry efficiency. For example, the reduction of defects in castings combines aspects related to alloy, geometry of the casting, features of the mould, process management, and the knowledge of the metallurgical origin and the ability to predict position and extent of defects help in finding practical solutions. Moreover, the issue is more complicated when there is the need to ensure a minimum mechanical behaviour.


 The tools of knowledge for the castings quality are not lacking, and the manual of defects in high-pressure die-casting written by AIM has been the basis for CEN Technical Report elaborated in the frame of the European STACAST project. Moreover, AIM is now working on the way to prevent defects during the process.