StaCast for FOUNDRY competitiveness

StaCast for FOUNDRY competitiveness

A year of activity for the European research project

 AeL nr.5 2013

On last September 25th and 26th in its headquarters in Milan the Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia has celebrated the first year of activity for the European Project StaCast acronym for “Standards for Aluminium Alloys Cast Products”, related to new quality and design levels for the production of light alloy castings; the goal of the project is to give the sector greater production efficiency and quality, and better integration to the components of the value chain, through the processing of:
- pre-normative classification document about defects on aluminium alloys castings;
- pre-normative classification document about the mechanical properties of foundry aluminium alloys;
- guidelines and standards for the design and manufacture of aluminium alloys castings.
It is known that the foundry industry is a key sector for the European manufacturing industry as a whole and, in particular, a significant role within the sector is played by aluminium alloys , whose value, according to estimates in 2010, is more than 3 million tons of castings produced by 2850 foundries for over 100 thousand employees; all this thanks to the excellent combination of properties (low volume density, good mechanical properties and highly corrosion- resistant), that in recent years have become crucial in terms of ecosustainability.

 Mario Conserva

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